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If you want to be truly successful in looking for fuck buddies you need to listen up. Most guys try to look for these types of acquaintances in the worst way possible. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Basically you start out with your existing female friends and try to talk them or trick them into becoming fuck buddies. While a lot of them will go along with it because they think you’re a great guy and you’re a good friend, eventually both of you will find it weird. Eventually your physical relationship will hit a rough spot.

The worst part of all of this is that you begin to miss these friends because you were friends first and you have a relationship history together. You essentially flushed all that down the toilet because you’re just looking for pussy. This really is too bad because things don’t have to end this way. If you are serious about truly figuring out the secret behind developing local fuck buddies, you need to listen up.

This type of physical friendship is not something that you get through conversion. In other words, you don’t start out with existing female friends and try to somehow, some way convert them into friends with benefits. As I’ve mentioned earlier, nine times out of ten, such conversions will only lead to heartache and failure. The better approach would be to develop new female friends with the clear understanding that there may be some physical attraction in the future. In other words, you leave the door open to taking the friendship to a whole other level. This way there’s no awkward surprises down the road. Since the element of surprise is taken off the table this increases the likelihood that the friendship will survive the conversion to a fuck friend status. That’s how you play the game. Sadly, most guys try to do it the other way around. That’s why most of their attempts fall flat.

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